Core Values of the Zealandier Group

Core values are the foundations on which any Group, Business or Community is built. Without them any organization will have no stability, direction or parameters and at best will meander aimlessly but in all probability will collapse through lack of direction and control.

Zealandier is built on Four Core Values, which underpin every facet of the Group.

  1. Vision – this is the lifeblood and/or the heartbeat of the Group – “where there is no vision the people lack direction”. Vision is the power unit that provides the motivation; it is why mankind climbs Mt Everest, traverses the South Pole, and leaves footprints on the Moon. Zealandier’s vision is never static but seeks to turn dreams into possibilities and possibilities into realities.
  2. Value – we see every person as value – not in a monetary sense but as someone who has something of value to contribute. This value maybe in giving or receiving – both of these are essential commodities in daily living, it is this giving and receiving that makes the world go round. When we stop this process we devalue ourselves and those around us. We ALL have value.
  3. Community – no one is an island to himself – “we came from somewhere, we are here for a purpose, we are going somewhere. One of the major motivators of Zealandier is to build in to people, to encourage, empowering, to enthuse by sharing in sights, sounds and companionship as we travel together revelling in the goodness and greatness.
  4. Balance – Defined as – what is needed to provide equilibrium. We are all comprised of Body Soul and Spirit. We know how to nurture our bodies – food and clothing; we know how to nurture our souls by caring and tending to our emotions – but what about our spirits. Again at Zealandier we try very hard to provide an atmosphere that will bring life and nourishment to your spirit.

We believe that it is these Core Values that set us apart from others who are in a similar industry.


Mike Sowter – Co Directors

Jan Davies – Co Directors

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