Booking Terms & Conditions


You can book with us in three ways.
(A) Complete our Booking Form and deliver the form to us. You are asked to sign our Booking Form to indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions of our Contract.
(B) Provide us with the relevant booking details  as requested including credit card details.
(C) By giving us your details and indicating your desire to book with us you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of our contract.


Your contract is with Zealandier New Zealand Ltd trading as Zealandier Tours and all bookings are subject to these booking conditions.
The terms and conditions of this Contract are detailed on the following pages. With bookings for more than one person, the person who makes the booking (the ‘party leader’) in accordance with 1 above, accepts responsibility for making all payments to us for all members of the party. All information and documents will be sent to the party leader who will be responsible for keeping the other members of the party fully informed.
Your Contract will come into effect when we send you written confirmation accepting your booking. This is then deemed a binding agreement between both parties. It is important that you read the written confirmation carefully and raise any queries immediately. Your booking confirmation and other holiday documentation constitute a legal contract and must be kept safely.


At the time of making a booking you will receive a Tax Invoice and you will need to arrange to pay us an initial deposit of 20% of the tour charge per person required. The balance of your payment should be made to reach us not less than 45 days before departure if booking a multi-day package tour or 30 days for a one Day Tour / Excursion  . If you book within 4 weeks of departure, full payment should be made at the time of making the booking.  Our company name Zealandier Tours will appear on your  payment statement as the debit entry.

PLEASE NOTE: Your holiday may be cancelled if you fail to make payment on time.


The prices that appear in any brochure are valid at the time of publication in *January 2016. The Company reserves the right to change prices at anytime after publication. Should changes occur you would be notified at the time of booking. Bookings for which deposits have already been received will not be subject to price modification, except as specified.


You may add extra members to your party at any time, providing that you have first checked with us and we are able and willing to accept the additional booking. In such cases you will be required to send us deposits equivalent to those already paid by the party. If you wish to change your booking in some way we will do our best to comply with your wishes. However we cannot always guarantee that this will be possible .An amendment fee of NZ $25.00 may apply to cover administration and communication costs.


If you or any member of your party cancels, you may replace him with a new member at any time with our approval subject to payment of an amendment charge as above. However if you are unable to find a replacement satisfactory to us for someone who cancels, we must impose cancellation charges to cover our estimated costs. These cancellation charges are expressed in the table below as a percentage of the total holiday cost. The person who signed the Booking Form must notify all cancellations to us in writing and charges apply from the date that this notification is received at our offices (not the date of your letter or the date you post it). If you do wish to replace a cancelled party member, please notify us as soon as possible. In any event we require notice at least 21 days before departure.

Day Excursions Only – Cancellation Parameters

Period before scheduled departure within Cancellation charge as a percentage which notification is   received of total holiday cost
30 days before departure  Deposit  – only if any fees have not been incurred
21 days before departure  Deposit  – only if any fees have not been incurred
4 days before departure  50%
Departure day or later  100%

Multi Day Tour  – Cancellation Parameters 

Period before scheduled departure within Cancellation charge as percentage
which notification is received of total holiday cost
 After payment of deposit  deposit
56-35 days before departure  20%
34-7 days before departure  50%
7-2 days before departure  75%
Departure day or later  100%

Some reasons for cancellation are covered by travel insurance policies. In such cases the Insurance Company will refund the total cancellation charge less the insurance premium and the policy excess.
We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.


A) Minor Changes. The arrangements made for the holidays described in this brochure are made many months in advance and therefore we must reserve the right to make changes when and where necessary. Changes are in most cases, minor ones that may include but are not limited to the withdrawal of certain facilities.

B) Major Changes. Sometimes it may become necessary to make major changes to a holiday and such would include changes in departure times of more than 12 hours, changes of accommodation to one of a lower classification, a change of resort to one in a substantially different area to the one booked.
C) If any change, which would substantially alter a holiday, is made within 70 days of scheduled date of departure, for reasons other than those, which are beyond our control, we will offer you reasonable compensation or a credit towards an alternative holiday. Should you decide not to accept the changes you are entitled to cancel your booking completely and we will refund all of the money which you have paid to us.
D) No major changes will be made within 2 weeks of departure unless for reasons beyond our control. Compensation payments do not apply if changes are made as a result of such circumstances.
Special Note: circumstances beyond our control include such things as war, threat of war, riots, civil strife, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural and/or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions.


There are very rare occasions when it becomes impossible to run a particular holiday and therefore necessary to cancel it completely. Such situations do not occur very often but we must reserve the right to do so at our discretion. If this does occur you will be offered an alternative holiday or a full refund of all monies.


We are unable to accept ‘conditional bookings’. You are quite welcome to make special requests but we cannot guarantee that they can be fulfilled. If you have any special requests or requirements we will do our best to pass details on to the appropriate persons, provided that they are clearly noted on your Booking Form at the time that your booking is made. We must point out that failure to fulfill a special request cannot be considered as a breach of contract on the part of the Company.


A range of excursions and other activities can usually be purchased in advance, some activities are provided without charge. These may vary according to demand and other circumstances. We cannot guarantee that any particular excursion or activity will be offered for any given holiday, and compensation would not be paid in such circumstances. We also may refuse at our absolute discretion to accept a guest on an excursion or activity.


If the behaviour of any member of any party is considered likely to cause offence, danger, damage or distress to others, we reserve the rights at all times, to cancel or terminate a holiday completely. If for example a coach driver, accommodation owner, or senior member of our staff considers that the behaviour is unacceptable they are authorized to terminate a holiday whenever and wherever necessary. If this situation arises, our responsibility will cease and we will not be obliged to cover any expenses which may be incurred on the part of the party and neither will we consider or accept any claims for compensation whatsoever. We will also be within our rights to impose cancellation fees.


We do everything possible to ensure that your holiday arrangements run smoothly, however if any sort of problem arises you should report it as quickly as possible to our representative or so that efforts can be made to rectify matters to your satisfaction. Many problems can be resolved on the spot, but if for some reason our representative is unable to resolve matters, the person who signed the booking form should write to our Head Office within 30 days of return from the holiday, explaining the problem fully, It is not necessary for any member of the party other than the person who made the booking to write to us.
If you have a complaint about your holiday which is not reported to our representative, but which could have been resolved had the issue been raised in transit, we cannot accept liability for compensation if you complain after returning home.


The descriptions in this brochure are based on our experience and knowledge gained from regular visits, as well as from information supplied by others. However, circumstances can change, and we reserve the right to change any brochure particulars before you book. In addition, because our brochure is produced up to 13 months in advance and because the arrangements we feature are not under our direct control, it is possible that advertised features might not be available. For example, certain facilities and services may be reduced or withdrawn in low season or due to poor weather, local holidays or industrial action. If the weather is cold swimming pools may not be warm.
Photographs have been chosen to depict our resorts, destinations and accommodation as accurately as possible. Photographs of a more general nature however have not necessarily been taken at the resorts or destinations featured in this brochure.


It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary inoculations and when you travel to have with you the correct documentation for the holiday you have booked. This will include valid passports, visas. Tickets, insurance documents.


Zealandier New Zealand Ltd trading as Zealandier Tours shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to luggage or personal effects, and/or damage resulting either in death or personal injury, which may arise whilst travelling on tour.

All transportation, both land and sea is subject to terms and conditions of the company providing the transport. Some of which limit or exclude liability. These terms and conditions are available from the carriers concerned on request.

Again we strongly recommend you purchase some form of travel insurance. Please ask us for details if required at

EXCLUSIONS: To the extent permitted by law, all our liability for damage to your property, disruption to travel plans, or mental injury is excluded. This exclusion is subject to any rights or remedies you may have under the Consumers Guarantees Act 1993.

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