Lord of the Rings Hobbiton Movie Set Tour


Tour #LOTRFD Price Adult: $156.00
Child: NZ$99.00 (5-14yrs)
Special Family Package
(2 Adults & 2 Children): $490.00
Duration: 6 hours
Depart: Morning
Includes: Entry fee

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Lord of the Rings filming location Matamata, New Zealand. Departing Tauranga; we first cross the harbour bridge, which offers great views of The Mount, 232m high and marking the entrance to the harbour of Tauranga.

We then climb up to over 1000 feet to cross the Kaimai Mountain Range, which divides the Bay of Plenty coastal region from the Waikato district, the main dairy farming area of New Zealand.

the mill

The Mill

We soon arrive at Hobbiton; the movie set location for Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit films, near the town of Matamata. Enjoy an informative 2 hour tour around the movie set location hearing about all which goes on behind the scenes of making such a successful movie. Nestled deep in the rolling hills of the Waikato, this location was chosen for its unblemished landscape.

You will get to stand under the party tree, walk past the numerous Hobbit holes, and imagine yourself among the characters. Bilbo Baggins was no typical hobbit, he did not want adventure, but you will have to come and see why he was so reluctant to leave the comfort of The Shire.  At the conclusion of your journey you get a special treat in the Green Dragon Inn where you will receive a local shire ale, cider or ginger beer.

Green Dragon Inn

The Green Dragon Inn

On your return journey to the port we will call in at McLaren Falls & Park, which abounds with a diverse range of tree species & bird-life. You now have the opportunity to walk in our native bush to a beautiful waterfall. It’s in the park you will have opportunity to dress up and become your favorite Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit character. This includes Gandalf, cloak, hat, staff and swords.  Maybe Bilbo and the Sting sword appeal to you more than Gandalf and for the ladies Eowyn and her sword.

Now it’s homeward we travel into Tauranga City, and if time permits we will make a quick stop for you to view the local bees and taste New Zealand Manuka honey or try one of their delicious ice-creams before we head back along the inner harbor past the local fishing boats, over the Harbor bridge along the port back to your ship with plenty of time to spare to enjoy the beach before sailing time .

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