Rotorua Sightseeing – Choose 3 Attractions

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Tour #RSC3A Price is based on your own Private Charter vehicle & knowledgeable tour guide: 1-2 Passengers NZ$550.00
3-5 Passengers NZ$600.00
6+ Enquire
Duration: 8 Hours
Depart: Morning Excludes cost of attractions – see prices below

guarantee badgeYou Choose 3 attractions and create your own Rotorua Sightseeing Day tour from the options below:

  • Te Puia Maori Culture Centre
  • Agrodome Sheep & Dog Farm Show
  • Rainbow Springs & Kiwi Encounter
  • Whakarewarewa Thermal Region and Maori Village. Maori Welcome, Concert & the famous Haka
  • Skyline Gondola & Luge Ride

Depart Port of Tauranga for Rotorua; we travel along the pristine waterfront of Mount Maunganui ocean beach, passing by the 2nd busiest shopping centre in New Zealand. We continue on to Te Puke, (Maori meaning – small hill) the home of the New Zealand Kiwifruit, which happens to be the region’s largest GDP industry. Our route continues through farmland, and then pine forested areas, which are other large income earners for this region, passing Lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotorua, which are just 2 of the 16 lakes in the region.

Option 1. Te Puia Maori Cultural Centre

Adult NZ$64.00 / Child $32.00

Te Puia

Te Puia

Te Puia is New Zealand’s premier Maori cultural centre and home of the world famous Pohutu geyser.

Pohutu Geyser was ranked in the world’s top 5 geysers by Lonely Planet. The geyser erupts to a height of 30m (100 feet) up to 20 times a day, it’s an amazing sight especially when you are standing so close to see it. They says it is the most reliable geyser on earth. Eruptions can last from a few minutes to several days.

Enjoy a guided tour of this very well presented facility and a close up experience with thermal activity. Followed by a 45 minute Cultural performance which includes the world renown Maori welcome onto a Marae, followed by songs & dance including the famous Haka,  then take  a visit to the Arts and Crafts Institute where you will see first hand the Weaving and Carving schools at work.

Option 2. The Agrodome

Adult NZ$33.50 / Child $16.80



The Agrodome –  Take your seat for the legendary world-famous Agrodome Sheep & Dog Farm Show whereby you’ll experience an hour of entertainment and education. You will be introduced to 19 breeds of sheep, witness a live sheep shearing demonstration, and see first-hand as the remarkable farm dogs demonstrate how they respond to commands and keep those sheep (and ducks!) in line! This is a fun attraction for all age groups.

Option 3. Rainbow Springs & Kiwi Encounter

Adult NZ$50.00 / Child $30.00

Rainbow Springs Wildlife Park

Rainbow Springs and Kiwi

This Rotorua Icon has been around since 1932 but has kept pace with the times. A wonderland overview of New Zealand’s Wildlife – hours can be spent here with opportunity to see Tuatara, Trout, Free Flight Birds, Kiwi or a 9 minute boat ride through time as you explore the ecological evolution of New Zealand with state of the art animatronics and projection technology which bring to life dinosaurs, Moa, the incredible Haast Eagle, the arrival of humans and so much more.

Option 4. Skyline Gondola & Luge Ride

Gondola + 1 Luge Ride = Adult NZ$43.00 / Child $28.50 or

                                                                                Family Pass (2 adults + 3 children) Gondola + 5 Luge Rides to share = NZ$99.00

rotorua gondola

Skyline Gondola

Ride Rotorua’s Skyline Gondola and enjoy the extensive views of the the lakes and geothermal area from the top of Mount Ngongotaha. You can take a lunch break at the Stratosphere restaurant and bar or taste some kiwiana cuisine from the Market Kitchen. If you feel adventurous experience the thrill of riding the luge track.  Experience the thrilling Skyline Luge, a unique three-wheeled cart, fun for riders of all ages or just enjoy the beautiful nature walks.

Option 5. Whakarewarewa Geothermal Region and Living Maori Village

                                                            Adult NZ$35.00 / Child $15.00

Maori Kapahaka Concert Rotorua

Maori Culture

You will be taken on a walking tour of Whakarewarewa Geothermal region and Living Maori village and experience a people who have come to live in harmony amidst this unique environment of geothermal wonders.

See first-hand the geothermal activity and how it is used in everyday life with hot springs and steam vents used for cooking (natural cook-tops and ovens) and the natural mineral waters used for communal bathing.


Thermal Activity

Mingle with the villagers who are always delighted to share their knowledge and pastimes within the Whakarewarewa Village, the place they call home, and learn about the traditions and culture which has been passed down and upheld for generations.

At the conclusion of your tour we  take you straight to the heart of the native Maori culture where you will first be greeted with a traditional Maori welcome, including song, dance, and demonstrations of fighting skills including the famous Haka.

We can recommend you purchase the hangi as your lunch opportunity, further  embedding yourself in the true cultural experience.

This concludes the ‘action’ of the day, from here it’s a pleasant return journey back to Tauranga via a different route, passing through native New Zealand forest and farm land. You will get to see the Alpaca and deer farms and many small local orchards. On arrival into Tauranga you will have the opportunity to see a little of the inner city and its downtown shops before crossing the harbour bridge to re-join your ship at Mount Maunganui.

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